On May 23rd 2016, the Coalition for Family gathered 3 million signatures to change the way “family” is defined in the Romanian Constitution.

As a response to their action, we gathered the signatures from the public open letter and, with the help of a typographer, we combined them into one signature, which we then turned into the ACCEPT ring*, a symbol of love, respect and devotion between two people who plan on becoming a family and spend their lives together, whether they belong to the LGBT community or not.
The ACCEPT ring is made out of silver and it comes in different sizes. To order it, you can access the link below. The delivery costs are not included in the ring’s price.
* Just to make it very clear, no original signature can be found as a whole in the design of the ring. Each individual signature used in the ring may promote a culture of intolerance, but together, they become a symbol of love and promote acceptance towards any type of family.

** All the work behind the ring is pro-bono. The price covers the production costs of the ring and a 10% donation to ACCEPT, that will be used to fight the initiative of changing the definition of "family" in the Romanian Constitution.
With love,